Our Mission

Mission: To Make Disciples
Our Strategy: To equip congregations by equipping congregational leaders.
Vision:  A network of growing, Christ-centered, outwardly-focused congregations passing the faith to the next generation.

Our Strategic Plan

For an organization to move forward, it is critical that people are on the same page. If people in a life raft are all rowing in different directions, the raft goes nowhere. If you do not know where you’re going, you probably will not get there. We are in a rapidly changing context. We need to renew the vision every few years. Some of our initiatives will shift, while other key priorities will remain unchanged.

Our overall finding from this listening outward to the community was a hunger for relationships, community, and spirituality that transcends our individual identities. There was not always a sense that the church was ready to provide these. Many churches were perceived as focused on themselves, rather than outwardly to the community.

Concluding that people in the church want to connect but are not sure how. People in the community are hungry for life-giving relationships, but do not know how to find community in this fast-paced, diverse society. This is our future; this is our calling.

Our team took all three of these listenings into account in retreats and meetings, sifting through the implications. What you see here reflects the “big rocks” that emerged from an avalanche of conversations and ideas. We submit this way forward to you for your prayerful consideration.

Strategic Plan Report

Landscape Tool

After surveying over two hundred rostered leaders, staff, and church council members in the synod and listening intently to pastors and lay leaders from all across the synod, we pulled together all the observations, hopes, and dreams we heard.

Results from the Landscape Tool, which assess the work of the synod.

Core Values

Our Top Priorities:

  1. Evangelism
  2. Spiritual Growth
  3. Inter-generational Ministry
  4. Worship with Excellence

The Tune in Guide is our primary strategy for helping congregations reconnect and seek the wisdom of the communities in which God has planted them. Re-rooting reminds us that we are here to serve the world, for the good of the world. God’s work. Our hands.