Our Mission

Mission: To Make Disciples
Our Strategy: To equip congregations by equipping congregational leaders.
Vision:  A network of growing, Christ-centered, outwardly-focused congregations passing the faith to the next generation.

Our Strategic Plan

After surveying over two hundred rostered leaders, staff, and church council members in the synod and listening intently to pastors and lay leaders from all across the synod, we pulled together all the observations, hopes, and dreams we heard.

Results from the Landscape Tool, which assess the work of the synod.

Core Values

Our Top Priorities:

  1. Evangelism
  2. Spiritual Growth
  3. Inter-generational Ministry
  4. Worship with Excellence

The Tune in Guide is our primary strategy for helping congregations reconnect and seek the wisdom of the communities in which God has planted them. Re-rooting reminds us that we are here to serve the world, for the good of the world. God’s work. Our hands.