2018 Synod Assembly

May 17 – 19, 2018
Hilton Houston North


FAITH5 (Faith Acts in the Home) is a simple set of nightly and weekly “enrichuals” with profound psychological, sociological, neurological, and theological gifts attached. Simple enough for a child to lead but deep enough to turn every faith gathering into a seminary (seed bed), FAITH5 is sweeping across churches and seeping into the DNA of worship, education, and pastoral care from the US to Latvia to Ethiopia to India to Korea. Come enjoy the theory, brain-science, systems theory and humor of FAITH5 founder, the Rev. Dr. Rich Melheim, an ELCA pastor in his 25th year with a specialized ministry call to enhance the lives of children, youth, families, and congregations across the globe.


Dr. Rich Melheim is an entrepreneur, author, semiotician, cartoonist, comedian, speaker, publisher, playwright, songwriter, family counselor, business systems consultant, amateur complexity theorist, log cabin builder, preschool designer, and student of the human brain. Melheim has written and produced 6 musical comedy stage plays, authored two dozen books, produced 24 music albums, created an international preschool education project with 535 songs, taught in 1000 cities on five continents, and has appeared on 50 network television news shows from WNBC-NY to KTLA to CNN consulting on family issues.

An ordained Lutheran pastor with a BA in Journalism (UND – 1977), an MDiv in Theology (Luther Seminary – Spring 1981), and a DMIN in Semiotics and the Future (George Fox Evangelical Seminary – Spring 2013), Rich has invested his ministry in creating education systems that pull parents into the core of children, youth and family systems “every night in every home.”

Rich is the founder and initiating force behind:

Churchwide Representative

Molly Beck Dean, Director of the ELCA Youth Gathering


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