Gathering synod shirts

All of our participants are encouraged to buy a synod shirt to remind us of our time together at the Gathering. Please purchase your Gathering synod shirt by April 15.

2018 Synod Assembly

We hope you will join us for our 2018 Synod Assembly on May 17-19, as together we learn about FAITH5, Faith Acts in the Home.

LEAD Lenten Resources

Lenten resources for your home and congregation – Committing to Life in Relationship with God

Hurricane Harvey

Flood waters have subsided, and many residents begin a new normal—repair, rebuild, remove, relocate, and endless combinations of those realities.

Rostered Minister & Congregational Reports

Please submit your rostered minister and congregational reports by February 15.


Let us live out the vision by embracing our neighbor across lines of race and ethnicity. Let us live out that vision by loving even our enemies – today, for the sake of the world.

Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30. We can take steps to be as prepared as we should be. Learn how to become a 72 Hour Lutheran.

South Sudan

The ELCA is committed to its ongoing work in South Sudan to help cultivate peace and a sustainable future for millions affected by civil war and famine. We are working together with others to deliver immediate famine relief, which forms one of our three focus areas in the region. The other two, sustainable food security […]

Souper Bowl of Caring

Let’s use the energy of the Super Bowl on February 5 in Houston to mobilize our communities in an effort to care for people who are food insecure.

Prayers for Pastor Ken Weiss

Pastor Ken Weiss of Eben Ezer Lutheran in Brenham just recently went into emergency complaining of chest pains. Turns out he has some blood clots in his lungs. They are taking good care of him at the hospital in Brenham. He hopes to go home tonight or tomorrow.