Prayer List

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." -Matthew 7:7-8

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South Sudan

The ELCA is committed to its ongoing work in South Sudan to help cultivate peace and a sustainable future for millions affected by civil war and famine. We are working together with others to deliver immediate famine relief, which forms one of our three focus areas in the region. The other two, sustainable food security […]

Prayers for Pastor Ken Weiss

Pastor Ken Weiss of Eben Ezer Lutheran in Brenham just recently went into emergency complaining of chest pains. Turns out he has some blood clots in his lungs. They are taking good care of him at the hospital in Brenham. He hopes to go home tonight or tomorrow.

Prayers for Pastor Liz Stein

Pastor Liz Stein is in our prayers. She recently had a stroke. She is recuperating well, but the stroke has affected her eyesight. We invite you to say a prayer for her today.

Prayers for Loa

Our prayers are with Loa McNeese, our bookkeeper, and her family as they mourn the passing of her brother, Hans Olaffson. He passed away on October 19 at his home in Magnolia following a short battle with cancer.

Prayers for Pastor Ken Shuman

Our prayers are with Pastor Ken Shuman of Galilean in LaPlace, Louisiana, whose wife passed away.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew ripped through the Caribbean and southeastern U.S. coast, leaving hundreds of casualties, thousands of homes destroyed and millions of people displaced and without power. Initial damage assessments are in progress in the countries and U.S. states that were hit. Your support through Lutheran Disaster Response will bring God’s hope and healing to those […]

Prayers for Anna Marie García

Anna Marie García was diagnosed with cancer early this year. She has been undergoing aggressive treatment, but her form of cancer is very rare. Various forms of treatments are being considered. Please join us in praying for Anna Marie García and her family during this time. Your thoughts, care, support, and love are greatly appreciated.

Prayers for John Roth

Prayers for John Roth, husband of Diane Roth, pastor of Grace Lutheran in Conroe. He was involved in an automobile accident and was taken to the hospital where he was found to have a fractured vertebrae in his neck and injuries to his knee and leg. It is possible he will have surgery on his leg […]

Japan Earthquakes

On April 14, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake hit Kumamoto, which has a strong Lutheran presence. Several strong aftershocks, 600 that could be felt, and another 7.3-magnitude earthquake later, many homes have been destroyed, the death toll has reached 47 and thousands have been injured. The earthquakes and aftershocks have caused 95,000 to evacuate their homes and […]

Ecuador Earthquake

A powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the northern coast of Ecuador on April 16. While assessment of damage is still taking place, more than 250 deaths have been confirmed, thousands have been injured and massive damage to and destruction of buildings and homes have been reported. The quake is the worst the region has experienced in […]