La Iglesia Luterana de Peru, IL-P [The Lutheran Church of Peru], a member of the Lutheran World Federation, is comprised of over a dozen congregations and several mission starts or faith communities, as they are called in Peru.

IL-P communities are mostly found in and around Lima, Peru’s political and economic capital, though IL-P has grown near Trujillo, along Peru’s Northern coast, Iquitos in the Amazon Basin, and Huancayo, and Cusco in the Central Andes.

IL-P does not shy away from announcing God’s word and denouncing injustice when and where needed. IL-P is known for reminding the centers of power that they need to be held responsible for serving the people from whom their power is derived. As a national church body present in the lives of people relegated to society’s margins, IL-P responds prophetically to the many injustices that impact impoverished, mostly forgotten Peruvians.

Gulf Coast Synod congregations that have partnerships with congregations in Peru