Lutherans Restoring Creation

The Gulf Coast Synod is in covenant with Lutherans Restoring Creation, which is an initiative designed to encourage the ELCA to incorporate care for creation into its full life and mission at all levels.

CreationThe Synod Lutherans Restoring Creation Team offers an annual event focusing on the care of God’s good creation. In addition to our annual event, we offer assistance to congregations in the synod in their creation care efforts. The team welcomes anyone interested in working on creation care to join them.  Please e-mail us if you’re interested.

Lutherans Restoring Creation encourages congregations to incorporate care for creation in their worship life, educational programs, building & grounds maintenance, discipleship efforts, and public ministry/advocacy.

  • Caring for Creation through Worship:  We seek to worship throughout the year so that we express our gratitude and praise to God the creator and so that we glorify God intentionally together with all creation. In worship, we will celebrate creation, confess our sins against creation, grieve the losses of creation, and commit ourselves to care for the Earth.
  • Caring for Creation through Education:  We seek to learn about the biblical, theological, and ecclesiastic traditions concerning creation, including the biblical mandate from God for us to care for the earth. We will seek also to learn about the present degradation of creation due to human activity.
  • Caring for Creation through Building & Grounds:  We agree to assess the destructive impact that our activities and the use and maintenance of our property may have upon creation.  We will strive to make choices that lessen our negative impact on the Earth and that serve to restore Earth community.
  • Caring for Creation through DiscipleshipWe encourage members of all ages, economic levels, ethnic groups, or walks of life to care for creation at home and at work knowing that our habits and practices can make a significant contribution. We seek to foster a closer relationship with nature so that we can live simply and walk lightly upon the Earth.
  • Caring for Creation through Public Ministry/Advocacy:  As creatures created in the image of God, we identify with the need for justice to the poor and powerless in our world. We are called, through our baptism, to change the common economic, social, and government systems that contribute to the degradation of God’s creation.

Resources to help care for creation in Congregational Life