Worship Excellence Team

The mission of the Worship Excellence Team is to “equip leaders for quality Lutheran worship.” The Team is made up of clergy, musicians, and others who have a passion for seeing the church connect to God in worship. Areas of focus include worship, music, liturgy, preaching, the arts, and technology. The Team’s role is to be a supportive resource to churches that desire prayerful excellence in their worship. They assist in the planning and execution of synodical worship events in order to nurture the values of quality Lutheran worship.

The core values that guide our synod’s worship planning and leading are:

Worship is rooted in God.

  • Worship is an encounter with God acting – by claiming, gathering, feeding, and sending – for the life of the world.
  • The Trinity is named and all three Persons are included in worship.
  • God’s story of salvation is proclaimed through generous use of Scripture in worship.
  • The Holy Spirit fills our people in worship (evidenced through speech filled with love).
  • The leaders of our worship reflect the diversity of God’s people.
  • Words used in worship address God directly.
  • People experience their relationship with God in worship.
  • The word of God read, preached, and sung is central to worship.

Worship feeds God’s people.

  • The ministry of word and sacrament is central to the principal gathering of the congregation.
  • The environment for worship is alive with symbolism.
  • The content of our prayers is true to Christ’s character and the breadth of his Lordship.
  • All people are actively engaged and participating in worship.
  • Words used in worship address those gathered directly.
  • All the senses are engaged in worship.
  • Opportunities for reflection, confession, and lament are available in worship.
  • The Eucharist meal is regularly celebrated in the principal gathering of the congregation.

Worship compels us into God’s mission.

  • Worship emphasizes the ministry of Jesus Christ as risen and active today.
  • Worship is marked by hospitality for the stranger and guest.
  • Worship is contextually relevant to the people and community.
  • Life, vitality, and joy mark the worship service
  • Worship calls people into the baptismal life.
  • Worship sends us out as disciples of Jesus, following his mission of serving, blessing and loving the world.

Questions or Comments?
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The trumpeters and singers joined in unison, as with one voice, to give praise and thanks to the LORD. Accompanied by trumpets, cymbals and other instruments, they raised their voices in praise to the LORD and sang: “God is good; God’s love endures forever.”

– 2 Chronicles 5:13