Youth & Children

Faith formation with children and youth grows out of our Baptismal Covenant. If we want our people to have faith in Jesus, our first commitment is to deepen the faith of their parents, grandparents, and caring adults – primary influences of their faith.

The content of our faith matters. What is the faith you hope to share?

Youth Ministry Network

The network seeks to provide opportunities for spiritual renewal, continuing education, and networking for adults who work with children, youth, and families in our congregations.

The network meets on the first Thursday from September through May at 10:00 am. All of the meetings are at Christ the Servant Lutheran except the month of May, which is at Lutherhill.


  • Safe Haven Guidelines – Model Guidelines for the Protection of Children and Youth from Abuse
  • Christian Parent – great resource for parents
  • Common Sense Media – resources such as movies, TV shows, video games, and websites, which can be personalized by age groups
  • Faith Element – lectionary based curriculum, five different lessons each week
  • Plugged In – shares perspective on what to see at the box office, which TV shows are worth watching, what video games are all about, and what music to listen to