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Central African Republic (CAR) Companion Synod Sunday

October 20, 2019

Please mark your church calendars and plan for congregational participation in the Sunday dedicated to our companion synod, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Central African Republic (EEL-RCA). The Synod’s CAR Team is asking you to:

  1. Dedicate Sunday. October 20, and possibly even the month of October to promoting support for our CAR companion synod.
  2. Pray for our companion synod in the Prayers of the Church.
  3. Solicit special offerings for CAR either October 20 or during that month—a noisy offering or whatever method you use in your congregation.
  4. Encourage members to find a way to give ongoing support to the EEL-RCA either through prayer, financial contributions, learning more about the CAR companion synod, or signing up to participate in WhatsApp communication with an individual in CAR.
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The Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Central African Republic (CAR) is a thriving community of over 55,000 Lutherans in 300 congregations who are, perhaps, the one abiding light and promise of hope throughout the land. CAR is a country that struggles to survive amidst poverty, disease, political upheaval and primitive conditions. But, the church in CAR leads its people through this wilderness.

They are spirit driven people who dance and sing on their way to offer their gifts at the altar; who walk or ride motor bikes to serve 5-6 congregations, who ride in the back of a truck over rutted roads to attend a General Assembly of the church, who lack Bibles but pass on the faith through story telling in Sunday School, in classrooms and in the community. These are people who staff Gallo Health Clinic, develop spring boxes for clean water, and who actively train to rebuild after years of civil war. As important, these fellow Lutherans make up the synod with which our synod partners and through which our prayers and gifts bring sustenance and hope.

As we celebrate this month the partnership between our synod and CAR, let us continue to pray for peace and stability for the church in CAR, let us gather monies to continue to provide materials, medicine, church roofs, classrooms, university scholarships, motorcycles, Bibles, and so much more. And let us strengthen one another for life and ministry.

Bishop Ndanga-Toue of CAR recently expressed to us his heartfelt gratitude for our prayers and wishes for peace and prosperity and for the partnership and gifts we share. Our opportunities for mission and ministry through our own congregation together with the church in CAR are unlimited. We have only to learn, share, give and pray in service to one another – far and near.

May we dance and sing together with our brothers and sisters in CAR as we offer our gifts to the glory of God.


October 20, 2019
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