dwelling-in-the-wordDwelling in the Word is a practice that may be used to help in communal discernment.

It is an intentional practice that involves:

  • reflection
  • deep listening to one another and to God’s Word
  • patience
  • faith…that God will be revealed and the the Holy Spirit will guide us

How to dwell in the Word?

  • Begin with prayer
  • Reflect silently
  • Reflect with a partner
    • What captured your attention or imagination?
    • What question might you want to ask a Biblical scholar?
    • Take 4-5 minutes each. You will report out your partner’s answers and thoughts. This is the deep listening part — try not to express your own thoughts, but, rather, those of your partner.
  • Reflect as a group
    • What might God be up to in this passage for us today?