Sunday school for grades K-4. Ignite a Biblical imagination that lasts a lifetime. 

Holy Molyholy-moly helps kids experience the Bible in unforgettable ways. Every Holy Moly lesson follows a four-part sequence: discover, relate, connect, and create. Each week, kids watch an animated Bible story video, talk about the story, read their Bible Storybook or Bible, and try a creative leaflet activity.

Holy Moly resources are available for kids in kindergarten through fourth grades by unit or as downloadable lessons a la carte, or you can access content for all lessons with a Sparkhouse Online subscription. Holy Moly includes ten units that can be covered in two years, spanning the Old Testament
and New Testament.

Why choose Holy Moly?

  • Bible-centered approach
    • Holy Moly follows the arc of the biblical narrative. Kids of all ages interact with the Bible in every lesson.
  • Age-appropriate resources
    • Holy Moly printed resources are available for kindergartners through fourth graders—equally engaging younger and older kids.
  • Excitement, joy, and surprise
    • Kids who field-tested Holy Moly said, “It was so hilarious!” and “I would be really excited if my church used it for Sunday school!”
  • Videos: More show than tell
    • Animated videos of the Bible stories don’t use narration. Instead, visuals and sound effects give kids the opportunity to retell the story in their own words.
  • Kids continue the conversation
    • After class, Holy Moly kids walk away retelling the stories they’ve learned and take home completed activities to share with their family.
  • Leaders don’t need to be Bible experts
    • Resources are designed so that leaders can take one look at the material, feel prepared, and know they’ll be successful.