The prophet Isaiah’s words teach us that to help those who are hungry, to work for justice for all people, is to experience the transformative and connecting power of God. As Lutheran Christians, freed by the grace of God and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to serve our neighbors, this directive leads us to give of ourselves and to work and advocate for justice.

We live in a broken world with too many cases of injustice. More than 1 billion people around the world lack food security, which means they do not have economic or physical access to sufficient food to lead a healthy and productive life. Food insecurity has many causes. Poverty is an obvious cause, as is location—food is more scarce in some areas than it is in others. Climate is also a root cause of much food insecurity—those who live and farm in harsh climates with frequent drought or repeated flooding are food insecure.

Lutherans have an opportunity  to participate in God’s redeeming work on this issue of climate change, farming, and food security.

  • Learn more about the issues
  • Advocate for programs that reward farmers
  • Support the work on the ground, like that of ELCA World Hunger and Global Mission
  • Advocate for U.S. international aid programs

Agriculture and Food Security in a Changing Climate