EthiopiaLent is a time of prayer, service, and self-examination. During this time, many of us choose to live simpler lives, remembering those who do not have the food, money, or resources to simply live. Here are some resources to help your congregation remember those who are hungry and living in poverty this Lenten season.

Does your congregation host meals before Lenten services? Why not join together for a meal and help fight hunger at the same time? Enjoy global cuisine while learning about the world and how gifts to ELCA World Hunger are making a difference. Instead of charging for the meal, collect donations to support ELCA World Hunger.

Complete plans for meals are available on the following topics: Bolivia, CambodiaColombia, Costa Rica, EgyptSouth Africa, Nicaragua, West Bank, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Haiti, India, Mexico, Malawi, Nepal, Ethiopia, and on food stamps.