White Privilege: Let’s Talkwhiteprivilege is a resource for transformational dialogue that helps you in this ongoing sacred conversation on race, focusing special attention on white privilege on its manifestations and impact.

This adult curriculum is designed to invite members to engage in safe, meaningful, substantive, and bold conversations on race.

The white privilege curriculum, a resource from the UCC, is divided into four key focus areas, each one introducing a different aspect of the dynamic of white privilege. Each of the four sections in the guide will have material from all five authors, with every author contributing a different perspective to the subject matter.

  • Rev. Traci Blackmon
  • Rev. John C. Dorhauer
  • Rev. Da Vita D. McCallister
  • Rev. John Paddock
  • Rev. Stephen Ray

This curriculum will lead participants through four areas of focus: telling the story of your spiritual journey through the lens of race; looking at the dynamic of a culture in which whiteness is the established norm; learning how America attaches a cash value to whiteness; and inviting the participants to commit to becoming an ally in the pursuit of racial equity.