A Day in the Life of Our Intern

Jul 16, 2015

By Katie Olson

“What you seek is seeking you.” –Rumi

In my first year at Texas Lutheran University, I was seeking purpose and listening for my life’s call; what I found was Campus Ministry, the Social Entrepreneurship program, and a LEAD internship. Campus Ministry connected me to people who encouraged me in my education and personal growth, as well as sparked a passion for ministry related programs and issues; Social Entrepreneurship, which I combined with Accounting, set me on the path toward non-profit administration; LEAD provided a unique opportunity to combine these two interests and allow me to gain some “real world” work experience.

Initially, when I called to learn more about the LEAD internships, I found out that the positions had filled up quickly in January. However, as encouraged by my parents and LEAD staff, I submitted my application anyway and continued to pray about what God may be calling me to do. I was thrilled when I found out that LEAD would take me on as an intern, but I got even more excited when I found out that I would be working at the synod office to see the business side of ministry. It is the perfect environment to learn about the ministry branch of the non-profit sector. I love that I get to help the synod staff in different areas (communications, finance, management) as well as be challenged by projects that I work on independently.

My work this summer includes daily activities like getting the mail, answering the phone, attending meetings, and going to the bank, as well as larger projects: researching and planning for a new phone system, investigating and creating a dashboard for the synod, getting approval of tax-exempt status in stores that we frequently purchase from, analyzing the Wells Fargo account of the synod to find places where we can save money, updating the contact information of all of the TLGCS congregations, creating a tri-synodical Google map, processing checks and participating in financial operation, and doing my own research project that involves looking up both non-profit and for-profit organizations/businesses and learning about the specifications of how each one works.

I am so grateful to the LEAD staff, Rebecca (my mentor), and the synod staff for having this program, taking me on as an intern, supporting me in my work this summer, and allowing this opportunity to seek me when I was seeking it.