Mission Companions

Jun 16, 2016

Pastor Chris Markert

At synod assembly this year, each of our synod’s congregations were encouraged to become a mission companion with one of our synod’s new mission starts or redevelopment congregations. This annual mission companionship would include the following simple commitments:

  1. Pray for your mission companion at least once a month in worship.
  2. Invite members of your congregation to worship at least once with your mission companion and/or join with them in fellowship or serving events, like “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday, for example.
  3. Give at least a minimum of financial support. This could include collecting a noisy offering one month, raising your mission support by 1% dedicated to supporting your mission companion, etc. Ultimately, the amount is not as important as the relationship that is built between your congregation and the mission start or redevelopment.

Mission Partners

Many congregations are already in a mission companionship with a local mission start or redevelopment, and we rejoice in these relationships as they serve as great examples. Some illustrations of these companionships include:

  • Faith- Bellaire and James/Santiago Apóstol, Houston
  • Christ the King, Kenner and Mesa Abierta, Kenner
  • John, Bellville and Spirit of Joy, The Woodlands
  • Celebration, Cypress and Kindred, Houston
  • Living Word, Katy and Gethsemane, Chalmette

Read more and sign up to become a mission companion. Please contact the synod’s Mission Catalyst, Pastor Chris Markert, should you have additional questions.