Five Effective Ways to Grow Christian Leaders

Sep 15, 2016

Peggy Hahn

LEAD Logo with taglineThere are lots of ways people can deepen and expand their capacity as Christian leaders, but LEAD has identified 5 game-changing ways of learning that prepare leaders to transform more than themselves. We believe that in the end, Christian leadership is more than personal. LEAD grows Christian leaders for the sake of transforming the church and the world.

The system we use with all 5 ways of learning is simple: Learn, Experiment, Align, Do-it-again!

These are the 5 ways we’ve identified. Which one is right for you?

  • Coaching – one on one or in peer groups, with a professional coach. You set the goals or consider one of our signature coaching paths. This is the most effect leadership development for your money because it happens in real time, targeting your agenda and focusing on your hopes for yourself and your community.
  • Immersion Experiences – stepping away to step in. These life-changing, faith-deepening pilgrimages take us beyond our life as usual, reliably offering us a bigger view of God, ministry, and ourselves.
  • Synod Journey – learning cohorts traveling together to make transformation possible, providing the opportunity for life giving results unique to each congregational setting. Walking the same path with other congregations towards your own unique destination is so much better than trying to make change on your own. Learning seminars, coaches, resources, and more make this a viable option for any congregation.
  • Camp Hope Day Camp Ministries – proven to be the best way to grow student leaders and to engage families in your neighborhood. This 28-year-old ministry includes a dedicated team, a trained staff of high school and college students, resources, coaching, and support to grow Biblically literate student leaders who grow children and families.
  • Custom Plan – if what you want is not on the list, talk to us. We are a nimble organization with capacity to help you design what you need to move your own leadership to the next level. Growing leaders grow congregations, teams, families, and themselves. What are you looking for? Let’s talk.

Learn, Experiment, Align, Do-it-again!

This has been a rhythm that has worked for leaders since the beginning of time. We believe that the Holy Spirit is moving in our world in new and wonderful ways – and we get to be the people who discern this movement together. LEAD is for leaders who are ready to try something new, to grow themselves and their faith, and to make a difference in their family, neighborhood, and world.

Please visit our website or email us, so we can talk about your best learning plan.