A New Outlook on Stewardship

Feb 17, 2017

Rev. Chris Markert

As we settle into 2017, it is a good time to re-think what stewardship means:

  • Instead of thinking of stewardship as paying the bills, think of it as loving God and your neighbor.
  • Instead of asking “How much of what is mine should I give away?” ask, “How much of what is God’s should I keep for myself?
  • Instead of being stuck in a spirituality of scarcity (“There’s not enough”), be open to a spirituality of abundance (“God provides generously”).

seedling.pngA different approach to congregational stewardship is to not think of it as primarily paying the church’s bills. Instead, think of stewardship as how the people of God can together do God’s work for the sake of the world. In the end, stewardship is related to the process of growing as passionate followers of Jesus. It is no longer about the congregation’s need for money, but about the new freedom we have in Christ to be generous with everything God has given us. Stewardship is a way of life.

Looking to help your congregational leaders grow in their understanding of stewardship in 2017? Check out these resources or contact your synod mission catalyst:

(Adapted from the ELCA resource “Stewards of God’s Love”)