Children Without Placement Initiative

Feb 17, 2017

“We believe that every child should have a home, and it is our duty to work towards no child spending the night at an office.”

There is a strong desire to reduce the number of kids sleeping in DFPS offices and hotels. Faith-based organizations are asked to consider developing new relationships to provide temporary spaces for kids.

Children without Placement Initiative.pngAre you interested and able to provide temporary housing for children between placements?

A temporary home-type space is a place that CPS can turn to while they continue working on find a stable, long-term placement for youth in care. The youth who come into care after removals need to have a safe, comfortable environment. Although offices are safe, they are not comfortable and can further increase a child’s suffering after removal. As capacity increases across the state, it is important to continue to find and provide home-like environment for children through a lapse in placement.

Major points to consider:

  • A minimum of two people needs to stay with child(ren) during the night. (1 worker must be a CPS casework and the same sex of the child)
    • If community partners would like to provide more volunteers, those volunteers require a background check on file.
  • Both staff must remain awake during their shift.

More information is available in the memorandum of understanding (MOU) developed by legal and the Office of Volunteer and Community Engagement to outline responsibilities with community partners.