A Legacy of Love and Care for the Church

Jul 13, 2017

Liz Johnson, Gift Planner

Evelyn and Melvin Maurer lived in Brenham, Texas and attended Immanuel Lutheran in Wiedeville throughout their marriage. Evelyn was a full-time mother to four boys (Jimmie, Rodney, Douglas, Neil) and Melvin worked for the city of Brenham as a water superintendent. The couple had a deep caring for the church and treated the facility with Legacy of Love 1great respect.

Evelyn enjoyed sewing and together with her church circle friends created many banners for the church. She is remembered for the homemade cinnamon rolls she made for dessert at gatherings. Melvin, had a tremendous sense of responsibility for the grounds and the maintenance of the church buildings. He would often keep an eye on areas of need and spent many hours working in the church yard, watering and cleaning weeds from flowerbeds.

The Maurers decided along the way to leave a legacy gift to their congregation. Their last will and testament included a bequest to their church. The four boys understood the values of their parents and facilitated their wishes through the gift to the congregation.

Recently, with the blessing of the church council, one of Maurer’s sons, Doug, took on the responsibility to supervise the drilling of a new water well on the grounds, provided through the legacy gift of Evelyn and Melvin. The couple would appreciate the idea that their funds would help nurture the landscape at the facility. The day of installation, Doug went about the business of ensuring the job was done well and did what his dad would have done.

Legacy of Love 2

The water well will give life to the grounds of the church and cemetery for many years to come. Evelyn and Melvin would be pleased to see the completed project. Every detail was attended to by Doug with the same care in the same way Melvin would have provided, if he were there himself. Once Doug had inspected the well and the housing to protect the well components, he assessed the needs for the irrigation system to follow, as a next step in the process. Doug walked the grounds and noticed the need to address the ball moss that would eventually do damage to the trees if not addressed soon, probably the same kind of inspection Melvin would have given the grounds years before.

Legacy giving is similar. It is the practice of “passing the torch” from one generation to the next by planting the seeds of love and care for the church and families of faith. Financial gifts keep what we value in place, making a difference to all of us in the church. Thank you, Evelyn and Melvin, for your care and raising your sons to do the same.

Legacy gifts for the church and ministry can be greatly facilitated by the synod’s gift planner through Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest. For support with your gift, please contact Lizbeth Johnson, 713.775.1595.