Hurricane Season

Jul 13, 2017

Hurricane season is upon us, running from June 1 through November 30. We may not be as prepared as we should be. We encourage each and every one of you to become a 72 Hour Lutheran, a person who has enough supplies in their home to meet their household’s basic needs for 72 hours.

Being prepared to take care of your own family allows you to then reach out and help others within the community.

  • Use the 72 Hour Lutheran checklist for supplies
  • Determine escape routes
  • Make an evacuation plan for all pets
  • Share one out of state emergency contact with all your family and friends
  • Call you church and be sure your information is correct
  • Know the vulnerability of your home and the safest areas within it

Gulf Coast Leaders & Congregations

  • If a hurricane hits your area, make sure you and your family have all the necessary supplies to be a 72 Hour Lutheran.
  • If you are planning on evacuating, let the synod office know where you are going. Please include a contact number, address, and the name of a local contact.
  • Once the hurricane hits your area, please contact us by email, call873.5665, or using social media, and let us know how you’re doing.
  • Make sure you have a system to check on the elderly and their caregivers to make sure they have a plan to evacuate or shelter in place with food and supplies. Also, include checking on single parents or parents who work in emergency services (EMS, medical personnel, firefighters), who may not be home during a hurricane leaving family with needs.
  • Plan to gather for worship on the Sunday following a storm, even if you do not have electricity – a prayer service in the parking lot or something for the community to gather and pray.
  • Plan to respond to needs in your own community once you have cared for your members.
    • A place for cell phone charging, if you have a generator
    • Child care for parents whose homes are impacted
    • Cold water
    • Grills to cook food (that would spoil in the freezer)
    • Crews to cut trees and help households