By Lisa Brenskelle

The mission of Lutherans Restoring Creation is to promote incorporation of care for creation into the full life and mission of the church, working in five areas: worship, education, discipleship, building & grounds, and public ministry/advocacy. For some timely information in these areas, see below:


It’s the Season of Creation! Join online ecumenical observances of the Season of Creation on 9/1 and 10/4. Listen to Encouraging Faith Communities to Vote to learn how to address voting from the pulpit. Check out the liturgical resources at Creation Justice Ministries’ Resource Hub. A new creation-focused prayer is posted each week. Creation-focused commentaries on the lectionary are available.


Learn How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint online on 9/25. Get educated online on solutions to climate change in Climate Solutions 101 (starts 10/13). Be wowed by the amazing sensory abilities of animals in Immense World Book Discussion Group (starts 9/1) online. Heat in Houston is not distributed equally – hear about this justice issue in this online talk on 9/11. Learn to Green Your 401K.


Share these “Bulletin blurb” eco-tips (+ verses & quotes). Reduce your carbon footprint in the online Living the Change Weekly Discussion Group (starts 9/7). Join Creation Care 101 monthly online (starts 9/8) to improve your care of creation (indicate Lutherans Restoring Creation as the group/church). Enjoy practicing spirituality in nature in Forest Bathing & Earth Examen (on 9/17) and Garden Tour & Prayer with Eyes Wide Open (on 10/8).

Building & Grounds

Join the online monthly Creation Care 101 (starts 9/8) to take a closer look at your church’s care of creation (indicate Lutherans Restoring Creation as the group/church). Learn how your church can become a hub of climate resilience. Check out the drawdown business-aligned framework to explore how to secure a stable climate and just future. Get inspired by these eco-reformation projects at various churches. The IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) contains provision for a 30% rebate on solar installation for non-profits. Get 30% back, and enjoy a volume discount by participating in a solar co-op.

Public Ministry/Advocacy

The weekly Opportunities to Care for, Learn About, and Enjoy God’s Good Creation features volunteer events in the greater Houston area (see upcoming opportunities link). Consider how to vote faithfully in the online Faithful Voter Weekly Discussion Group (starts 9/13). Plan now to participate in the Interfaith Environmental Stewardship Event on 10/16 in Houston. Join other Lutherans on 9/24 to Run in the Park in Houston (or virtual). Check out Texas Impact’s 2022 legislative priorities. Join the Lutherans Restoring Creation bike team for Bike Around the Bay on 10/23 and/or 10/24 in Galveston/Baytown.

September & Early October Creation Care Events

For more information on any of the above, or for creation care assistance/information, contact the synod Lutherans Restoring Creation Team by writing to Lisa at [email protected]. The team is seeking additional members. If you would be willing to serve, please contact us.