Nominations for the Commission for a Renewed Lutheran Church (CRLC)

Dec 17, 2022

Dear Gulf Coast Leaders,

As you may be aware, a motion passed at the most recent Churchwide Assembly to establish a Commission for a Renewed Lutheran Church (CRLC) to give consideration to our governance structures in the ELCA in this new context. The CRLC will consist of no more than 35 voting members.

Each synod may nominate two people. From those nominations, the ELCA Church Council will select two people from each region to serve on the commission. Synod Council will select our synod’s nominees at their January 21 meeting, our only meeting in the window for nominations. If you would like to be considered for nomination, please email us name, phone, congregation, and why you are interested/qualified at [email protected] by January 15. If you know of others, who would be qualified, ask them to email us by January 15.

If you don’t get selected, good news, there is another option: In addition, a third individual will be selected from each region through an open nomination process. Once the Synod Council has made its nominations, we will publish a link to the open nomination form. Interested parties will have until March 9 to self-nominate in the open nomination process.

The remaining eight positions will be at-large members appointed from among the synod nominations and the open nomination process.

The commission will begin its work with an in-person meeting June 22-24, 2023, and will complete its work in April 2025. The commission will meet twice a year, and participants are expected to be at all meetings. Travel expenses will be covered by the churchwide organization in accordance with guidelines and policies of the ELCA. Membership assumes commitment between meetings to do assigned readings and willingness to provide leadership at selected events.

The Church Council will appoint the CRLC at its April 20, 2023 online meeting. The Office of the Secretary staff will notify members of their appointments. The first meeting of the CRLC will be held in-person June 22-24 at the Lutheran Center in Chicago. CLICK HERE for information about commitment and expectations for the commission.

I invite you to prayerfully consider who might best represent us in this endeavor.

In Christ,

Bishop Michael Rinehart
TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America