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Hurricane Ida slammed into the Louisiana coastline near Port Fourchon as a Category 4 hurricane on Sunday August 29, 2021. In LaPlace, Louisiana, which is about 30 miles west of New Orleans and tucked between Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi River, floodwaters and high winds devastated the town.

Galilean LaPlace

As we begin the process of assessment and recovery from the impact of Hurricane Ida, here are ways you can help:

PRAY: Keep all those affected by the impact of Hurricane Ida in your personal and congregational prayers. Pray for first responders, government officials, Lutheran Disaster Response and other relief organizations, and for your synod’s disaster team and staff.

DONATE: Financial contributions are the best way to assist pastors and deacons, congregations, and communities to get back up on their feet. You are encourage to donate to the Gulf Coast Synod Disaster Fund or to Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR). The synod disaster fund provides immediate care and assistance to pastors, deacons, and congregations. LDR supports long-term case management and care during recovery. Both are essential work.

IN-KIND DONATIONS: As we make initial assessments, we will be able to better understand what may be needed in terms of supplies and in-kind donations.  Initial recovery efforts are best supported by a financial donation to the synod disaster fund or to LDR. An Amazon wish list has been created for water and power drinks for Hurricane Ida relief. Items will be delivered to First Lutheran, Lafayette who will distribute them (see address below). As we are aware of more needed items, we will add them to the list.  

We are currently most in need of any type of bottled water or power type drinks (Gatorade, Powerade, no energy drinks please)
Shipping to:
First Lutheran Church
301 W Farrel Rd
Lafayette, LA 70508

VOLUNTEER: **PLEASE DO NOT COME TO LOUISIANA JUST YET** It is too early for volunteers to descend upon the impact area. First responders are still doing search and rescue, clearing roads, and handling initial recovery efforts. When the time comes, we will update you with ways you can volunteer.

For more information on ways you can help, keep watching for updates here, on our Gulf Coast Synod Disaster facebook page, email [email protected] or call the synod office at 281-873-5665.