The LEAD Journey

The LEAD Journey emphasis is on resourcing congregational leadership with new behaviors and tools to build on LEAD’s research and the congregation’s assets as we join in God’s mission.

Leaders, you are invited to participate in our cohort, a specific journey customized for the Gulf Coast Synod.

Participating congregations will experience

For strengthening congregational leaders joining in God’s mission

Where do we start?

Leaders often wonder, is my congregation ready to join a LEADership Cohort? Can we successfully do the Tune In Process or other processes?

We are glad you asked. There are seasons in a congregation’s life that are right for leading transformation. There are also seasons where making changes in the system may be unhelpful, or worse, cause conflict and crisis. Where is your congregation right now?

  • Use these questions to help you assess your congregation’s readiness to enter this process.

Please contact Pastor Chris Markert should you have additional questions. 

Gulf Coast Synod Congregations on the LEAD Journey