Call Process Resources

Calling a Rostered Minister

Calling a deacon or pastor — is one of the most important things a congregation can do. Our synod’s transition process has been created to help find the right leader for the particular mission and ministry to which God has called each congregation.

Congregations in Transition

Check out the profiles of those congregations within our synod that are in transition. 

When a congregation needs to get into the transition process it should download “When A Pastor Is Leaving” and contact the synod office.  The Transition Process Handbook is also available.

Interim Ministry

Between pastors it is often helpful for a congregation to make use of Interim Ministry to build a bridge to God’s preferred future. An “Interim Ministry Handbook” and “Interim Ministry Brochure” explain the value of an interim. A contract for interim pastor is also available.

Electronic Database

The ELCA has an electronic data base that lists all rostered people that are open to call and all ministry sites that are in the call process. The “Ministry Site Profile” and “Rostered Leader Profile” guides will help in using this data base.

Various Guidelines

When a rostered minister is called, the synod’s compensation, ordination, and installation guidelines should be followed. See Learn More Links.