Candidacy Committee Contact Info

The Candidacy Committee guides people through the candidacy process toward rostered service in the ELCA, through ordination into Word and Sacrament or consecration into Word and Service.

Topics addressed by the Candidacy Committee include:

  • Help candidates more clearly discern their own vocational call and understand the needs of the wider church
  • Provide modest financial assistance to our synod’s candidates, based primarily on financial need
  • Support candidates as they go through training for their particular roster
  • Annual candidacy retreat
  • Guidance through the formal candidacy process, which includes committee decisions for entrance, endorsement and approval
  • To the best of their ability, seek commitment that candidates will live according to the ELCA “Visions and Expectations for Rostered Leaders”
  • The TEEM (Theological Education in Emerging Ministries) process for special candidates in very unique emerging ministry settings

Candidacy Committee Members

  • Rev. Kathy Haueisen, Chair
  • Dr. Stephen Blackmore
  • Rev. Dr. Don Carlson
  • Rev. James Giannantonio
  • Rev. Erbey Gonzales
  • Beth Hartfiel, Deacon
  • Karen Hazlaris-Hallstrom
  • Rev. Adriana Johnson-Rivas
  • Rev. Marcia Kifer
  • Rev. Blair Lundborg
  • Dr. David Neubauer
  • Rev. Herb Palmer
  • Rev. Michael Rinehart, Bishop (ex oficio)
  • Rev. Liz Stein
  • Rev. Rodwell Thom
  • Diane White

Are you searching for meaning in your life?

Many young people have become disillusioned with the culture of work in our world. The church looks for people to lead who have a deep sense of compassion, who want to know that the work they are doing is significant in the world. That is the church! Many in our world are looking for meaning. The church gives substance to that search, and you can be a vehicle of that Good News.

Characteristics of church leaders (including pastors):

Encouraging, listening, praying, equipping, leading, hoping, healing, caring, teaching, preaching, blessing and sustaining.

Gifts for Ministry

All of God’s people have gifts for ministry — the work of the faithful. The question to consider is “Which gifts do I have, and how will I use them?” The following gifts seem to be especially important for our rostered leaders:

  • A love for Jesus Christ
  • Grace-filled living
  • Integrity
  • A passion for justice
  • Compassion for God’s people
  • Self- awareness
  • Leadership gifts
  • The ability to learn and share the faith
  • A capacity for critical reflection

The ELCA has many needs to fill as we carry-out our mission to share the Gospel. We are committed to shouting out the Gospel and bringing a message of hope to those who are hurting.