Reconciling in Christ

The Reconciling in Christ (RIC) Program is for congregations, synods, colleges, seminaries, and other Lutheran organizations. Lutheran communities that publicly welcome lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people are accepted onto the Reconciling in Christ roster which now exceeds 600 settings. Most groups start the process of consideration by engaging in a study program or series of educational […]


Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity is an invitation “to rediscover the Bible’s wisdom when it comes to prudent financial practices.” It’s a great devotional resource that can be used with the council, small groups, or as part of a sermon series or congregation-wide study. Enough is an invitation to rediscover the Bible’s wisdom when […]

Creating Congregations of Generous People

Creating Congregations of Generous People is an easy-to-read book, suggesting that annual pledge drives inadvertently perpetuate low-level and same-level giving in congregations. The goal of this book is to aid pastors and lay leaders in initiating and sustaining effective stewardship ministries. Durall believes that asking for money eventually becomes routine, even tedious. However, nurturing a congregation […]

Ask, Thank, Tell

Ask, Thank, Tell: Improving Stewardship Ministry in Your Congregation is a helpful “how to” guide for congregational leaders seeking to guide members into a more spiritual understanding of financial stewardship instead of seeing stewardship as a way to raise money for the budget. The goal of this book, says author Charles Lane, is to perform a […]

Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate

Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate: A New Vision for Financial Stewardship is a great resource to help congregational leaders rethink financial stewardship for the 21st century. It focuses on how churches, as non-profit organizations, can leverage the practices of other non-profit organizations that are better at fundraising and donor follow-up. People don’t give to church because […]

Dig Down Process

Calling people of faith into a growth mindset. The Dig Down Process is an adventure in thinking theologically, exploring governance and staffing, and maximizing resources. Making shifts in these three important areas can empower a congregation to move forward in mission.   The Dig Down guide is designed for deep thinking and action. Each step […]

LEAD Assessment

Taking the assessment is an opportunity for your congregation to see where you are now and to identify next steps for moving forward, joining in God’s mission. A congregation that is committed to growing can use LEAD’s online Congregational Assessment to: Find its place on the leadership landscape Establish a baseline for the four growth indicators […]

Congregational Fundraising Campaign

Perhaps your congregation is inquiring about resources for a fundraising campaign. You can do it yourself if you have previous experience with campaigns, have members who have experience running campaigns, or have a compelling reason for the campaign (usually that’s new construction or an obvious need like a leaking roof) Ecumenical Stewardship Center New Consecration […]

Congregational Audit Guide

It is recommended that every congregation conduct an internal or external audit annually for the safegaurding of the organization.  This guide is designed to help you through this process and be a resource tool for your congregation’s annual audit.