Martin Luther: An Ecumenical Perspective

Lutherans know how to read Luther from the Lutheran perspective; this goes without saying. It is vitally important to read Luther from an ecumenical perspective, in this case from a Catholic cardinal and theologian. Cardinal Walter Kasper, author of Martin Luther: An Ecumenical Perspective, has a PhD in Theology and is a Professor of Dogmatics. […]

Ever-Reforming: A Reformation 500 Cross-Generational Study

Ever-Reforming: A Reformation 500 Cross-Generational Study is a curriculum with 44 weeks of study to be used with adults and youth. In addition to the curriculum, corresponding coloring pages are also available, one per session. Cross-Generational Study Coloring Pages (for all ages)

The Life of Martin Luther: A Pop-Up Book

The story of Martin Luther and his role in sparking the Protestant Reformation is given an interactive retelling in this beautiful and sturdy pop-up book. From Luther’s decision to become a monk to his 95 theses, history jumps off the page through the vibrant, colorful illustrations of renowned artist and paper engineer Agostino Traini. Full […]

Forgotten Luther

Reclaiming the social-economic dimension of the Reformation  Large, multinational corporations controlling prices and driving down wages, masses of people too poor to afford basic goods, an economy that favors the wealthy, politicians and church leaders at the mercy of banks….1517 was quite a year.  So much has changed, so much remains the same. Many people […]

Brand Luther

Brand Luther – a revolutionary look at Martin Luther, the Reformation, and the birth of publishing, on the eve of the Reformation’s 500th anniversary Luther came of age with the printing press, and the path to glory of neither one was obvious to the casual observer of the time. Printing was, and is, a risky […]

Declaration on the Way

Declaration on the Way celebrates fifty years of international and regional Lutheran-Catholic dialogues and harvests the results of those efforts into Statements of Agreement on church, ministry, and eucharist. It invites both communions to affirm the unity achieved through these agreements and establish church practices that reflect this growth. At the same time, this is […]

40-Day Journey with Martin Luther

40-Day Journey with Martin Luther lifts up forty inspiring passages from Luther’s writings, especially in the Small and Large Catechisms, raising profound truths about faith and life and guiding readers on a rich journey of reflection.  Includes a short introduction to Luther’s life, journal-writing exercises and daily prayers. A rich resource for personal meditation or small […]

Year of Matthew & Reformation

The year of Matthew, year A in the Revised Common Lectionary, is an opportunity for extended reflection on the Gospel of Matthew, the first of the New Testament gospel books. With 2017 marking the 500th anniversary of the dawn of a major reforming movement in the church, its message is particularly relevant. Invite your congregation into […]

Free Indeed: Devotions for Lent

“Free Indeed: Devotions for Lent” is a beautiful, full-color devotional that takes you through Lent with daily readings from Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. Each reading is accompanied by a photo, a quote to ponder, reflection, and prayer. Free Indeed invites you to reflect on Martin Luther’s guide to the basics of Christian faith during the […]

Reformation 500 Sourcebook

October 31, 2017, will mark 500 years since the beginning of the Lutheran Reformation, spurred by Martin Luther’s posting of the Ninety-Five Theses. This is an important anniversary and one that deserves to be lifted up not just on a global scale—as it will be—but in your congregation and community as well. As congregations plan […]