Worship Resources for HIV/AIDS Awareness

As Lutherans, we believe in the power of prayer. We believe in the power of song, of the gospel, of community. We believe in the power of worship. There is power in calling upon God to touch the lives of people or groups who society has stigmatized or ignored by name. There is power in […]

Refugee Sunday

In 1939, Lutherans all across the United States banded together to reach out to assist Lutheran refugees fleeing Nazi Germany. Creating Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS) to organize their efforts, they welcomed these new Americans and walked with them as they began their new lives in the United States. Today, LIRS has directly resettled […]

Lent: 40 Days of Giving

Lent is an important season for the people of God. It is a time to reflect on Christ’s temptation in the wilderness, his loneliness in the Garden of Gethsemane, his death on the cross, and our own dependence on God’s grace and mercy. The promise of Easter leads us through our own wilderness in this […]

Advent: A Story of Hunger

The story of Advent is a story of hunger. A people’s hunger for salvation, the fleeing holy family’s hunger for safety, and the world’s hunger for a new dawn. It is a season when we await the one who will “give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death” (Luke […]

Forgotten Luther

Reclaiming the social-economic dimension of the Reformation  Large, multinational corporations controlling prices and driving down wages, masses of people too poor to afford basic goods, an economy that favors the wealthy, politicians and church leaders at the mercy of banks….1517 was quite a year.  So much has changed, so much remains the same. Many people […]

Food for a Week

“Food for a Week” is a guide that is designed to help you lead your congregation or youth group in a very personal, interactive experience about hunger in the United States they won’t soon forget. Step into the shoes of one of your neighbors who is at risk of being hungry by living their life […]

Women in Coffee

Recently, Equal Exchange, together with our friends at The Perennial Plate, created a short documentary about women leaders across the Equal Exchange coffee supply chain. From farmer to barista, the film profiles five inspiring women who are paving the way in the coffee industry, while also showing the journey coffee takes to get to your cup. “Women in Coffee” offers a perfect opportunity to spark […]

World Hunger Toolkits

Looking for an activity to help others learn about hunger? ELCA World Hunger Toolkits are the perfect place to start. Each toolkit includes a variety of activities designed for groups of different ages and activity levels, from folks who like to sit and talk to those who prefer to be up and moving around. These […]

Taking Root: Hunger Causes & Hunger Hopes

The Taking Root curriculum helps you explore hunger and poverty. There is a fundamental connection between our Christian faith and the injustice of hunger and poverty. The activities and discussions proposed in the curriculum will help you understand the causes of hunger, imagine a world without hunger, and foster a deep commitment to solutions for […]

Water & Hunger Connection Toolkit

The Water and Hunger Connection Toolkit will help you introduce the intersections between water and hunger. Through activities and conversation, explore these intersections and appropriate responses.