Synod Assembly FAQ

Who should come to Synod Assembly?

Everyone! Voting members are sent by their congregation to carry out the business of the synod, including elections and budget and policy approvals. However, the assembly is also an opportunity for education and fellowship. Anyone is welcome to register as a visitor and come enjoy the presentations, learning times, exhibits, and fellowship. Options are available to register for only one day of the event.

Sign me up. How can I volunteer?

You may indicate your volunteer preferences on your registration or contact the synod office. Volunteers are needed in hospitality, at the help desk, greeting attendees, and helping participants with tech issues. Worship assistants are needed for opening and closing worship. Non-voting members are needed to serve as facilitators during the business sessions, and voting members are needed to help with Credentials and Reference and Counsel.

How many voting members can my congregation send?

The Synod Constitution (listed below) outlines this in S7.21. All ordained ministries on our roster are voting members, as well as deaconesses and diaconal ministers under call in our synod. Congregations may elect one lay member if they have fewer than 175 baptized members, and a minimum of two lay members if they have more than 175 (in this case, normally one is male and one is female).

Additional lay member representation from each congregation is as follows:

  • 350-700 baptized members: 1 additional
  • 701-1,400 baptized members: 2 additional
  • 1,401-2,000 baptized members: 3 additional
  • over 2,000 baptized members: 4 additional


Synod Constitution
Synod Council

If I am registering someone else or a group of people, what do I need to know before I start the registration process?

Each registrant needs to supply the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Primary Phone
  • Email
  • Emergency Contact Phone
  • Name of Congregation
  • Dietary Restrictions
  • Other Special Needs

In addition, you will need to know what type of registration to choose for each person (voting, visitor, retired, clergy, etc.) and if any extras are desired (being a volunteer or having Spanish translation, for example).

What if I can’t remember my registration password or am having trouble accessing the form?

If you have registered for previous assemblies, our registration system will “remember” you through your email. If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot My Password” link to reset it. You may need to refresh or close your browser after resetting your password.

If you are still having difficulty, try using a different email and starting a new registration. New registrants now have the option not to create a password. For continued registration difficulties, please contact the synod office.

What is covered in the registration fees?

The costs of assembly reflect the real costs of holding the event, which include food and beverages, hotel fees, program fees, travel costs, administrative costs, and more. We make every effort to bring you a quality program and seek to balance rising hotel costs by utilizing volunteers, soliciting sponsors and donations, and decreasing paper usage.

What important dates do I need to keep in mind?

April 10Resolution Deadline
April 10 – Synod Council & Committee Nominations Deadline
March 20 – Early Bird Registration Ends
April 20 – Last Day to Reserve Hotel Rooms at Discounted Rate
May 1 – Online Registration Closes

What if I have other questions about assembly?

Please contact the synod office, 281.873.5665.

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