2022 Synod Assembly Offering Investing in leaders

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Through the 2022 Gulf Coast Synod Assembly Offering, we will raise over $50,000 towards a goal of $100,000 to support our rostered leaders with seminary debt.

Two scenarios happen too often.

  • A congregation looks to call a new pastor to boldly shepherd them forward. The Synod Staff identifies a potential candidate, with passions and gifts that match the congregation well. It seems like an obvious match that will benefit pastoral leader and congregation, yet the pastoral leader decides not to move forward. The reason? Their seminary debt load prohibits them from considering the call. The potential compensation package will not allow it.
  • A pastor within the synod carries significant seminary debt. They feel called to remain in their congregation, but financial considerations force them to be open to a move.

Strong pastoral leaders have a huge impact on their congregations and communities. As the Gulf Coast Synod works to bring new leaders into the synod and retain the excellent pastors we have, past seminary debt can hinder them. Opportunities for bold ministry get sidetracked.

We don’t have to live in this reality! The Gulf Coast Synod will significantly reduce the seminary debt of our leaders, freeing them to serve. This commitment will encourage pastoral leaders around the country to consider congregations in the Gulf Coast Synod and retain those we have, benefitting each and every congregation in the synod.

Individuals and congregations from around the synod will come together to make this huge impact on our ministry. Together, we can do bold things!To hear the perspective of a rostered leader who lived in the reality of significant debt, click here.

When 100 families give a gift of any size to the Assembly Offering, a generous donor will provide an additional $10,000 gift. All gifts matter! You can give with the link above, or bring your offering to the Synod Assembly.

In most conferences, when six congregations provide a special gift of $250 or more, a fellow conference member will provide a $2000 challenge gift.

Gift Number of gifts Running Total
$10,000 1 $10,000
$5,000 1 $15,000
$2,500 2 $20,000
$2,000 7 $34,000
$1,000 2 $36,000
$500 7 $39,500
$250 50 $52,000
$100 15 $53,500
$50 20 $54,500
$25 20 $55,000

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or bring your gift to the Synod Assembly on May 20-21.