Gift Number of gifts Running Total
$15,000 1 $15,000
$7,500 2 $30,000
$5,000 4 $50,000
$2,500 4 $60,000
$1,000 6 $66,000
$500 7 $69,500
$250 8 $71,500
$75 22 $73,150
$50 25 $74,400
$25 24 $75,000

The 2023 Synod Assembly Offering brings together four vital realities:

  • Highly gifted seminary students need internship sites that will prepare them to serve God’s church with creativity and energy.
  • Congregations hosting interns greatly benefit from their ministry.
  • The Gulf Coast Synod has ministries that would serve as exceptional training centers, yet don’t have the funding capacity to afford a seminary intern.
  • There is a great demand for interns to serve in the Gulf Coast Synod.

Your gift to the fund will allow the Gulf Coast Synod to provide partnership grants to vital ministry sites that will allow them to train the next generation of rostered ministers.

With $75,000, the fund will provide for 5 internships in the coming year.

Rural congregations will benefit from the gifts of interns while preparing them for future service in rural America.

Ministries amid the homeless will train interns in love and service.

New start ministries will show creative ways to become the church of the future.

Redevelopments will provide training in how to revision a ministry.

Interns will benefit as they receive vital experience. Internship congregations will benefit as they utilize the intern’s gifts. The whole church will benefit as these interns bring their new gifts to their ministry.

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or bring your gift to the Synod Assembly on May 19-20.

As it is, there are many parts, but only one body. The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you.”

~ 1 Corinthians 12:20-22a