Synod Council Nominations


The following skills, abilities, and/or gifts are required for a person to effectively serve on the Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod Council:

  • Leadership, including the ability to cast a vision and hold accountable those working to make the vision a reality
  • Openness to the guidance of the Holy Spirit
  • Comfort working in an organizational governance capacity
  • Willingness to work with the other council members to achieve the synod’s vision for its ministry
  • Prior active service in your congregation, and/or at the synod level
  • Ability and willingness to attend and participate in the meetings of the Synod Council (minimum three meetings per year) and the Synod Assembly
  • Ability to use critical evaluation skills to evaluate the outcomes of the synod’s ministry
  • Ability and willingness to pray regularly for the ministry and congregations of the synod
  • Voting member of a congregation of the synod
  • Full Job Description located in the Synod Constitution Chapter 10

Please Note: This nomination is a nomination to the Nominating Committee (not the Synod Assembly). According to our constitution and bylaws, the Nominating Committee is responsible for preparing a slate of “at least one qualified candidate for each position available” which will be presented to the Synod Assembly. “Qualification will be based on a comparison of stated required or preferred skills, abilities, gifts, and experience with those possessed by the candidate(s).” (Both quotations are taken from section S9.03.A03 of the synod constitution.) Qualifications for each position are listed on the candidate form for each position. Submitting this nomination form is very much appreciated by the Nominating Committee but does not guarantee a position on the slate presented by the Nominating Committee. Additional nominations may be made from the floor of the Synod Assembly.

Deadline to submit nominations – April 8, 2022

Synod Council Candidate Form

Deadline to submit nominations - April 8, 2022

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