North Houston Conference

Our synod is divided into conferences that establish new opportunities for our deans to lead and serve. Conferences meet for mission purposes, working together on mission, leadership development, campus ministry, stewardship, and global and local mission.

North Houston Conference Dean: Rev. Beth Warpmaeker

The congregations of the North Houston Conference include:


Angel of Joy Lutheran Church

4003 Daniel McCall Drive, Lufkin, TX, USA
[email protected]
Office: 936.632.4777

Atascocita Lutheran Church

7927 FM 1960 E., Humble, TX, USA
[email protected]
Office: 281.852.7333

Grace Lutheran Church, Conroe

13123 Highway 105 West, Conroe, TX, USA
[email protected]
Office: 936.588.1944

Holy Comforter Lutheran Church

1901 Woodland Hills Dr., Kingwood, TX, USA
Office: 281.358.6500

Hosanna Lutheran Church, Houston

16526 Ella Blvd., Houston, TX, USA
[email protected]
Office: 281.440.6890

Joyful Life Lutheran Church

5514 FM 1488, Magnolia, TX, USA
Office: 936.273.3979

Kinsmen Latinx Outreach Mission

12100 Champion Forest Dr., Houston, TX, USA
[email protected]
Office: 281.444.3126

Kinsmen Lutheran Church

12100 Champion Forest Dr., Houston, TX, USA
[email protected]
Office: 281.444.3126

Lake Livingston Lutheran Church

Highway 3152 at US 190, Onalaska, TX, USA
Office: 936.646.5681

Lord of Life Lutheran Church

3801 S. Panther Creek Dr., The Woodlands, TX, USA
[email protected]
Office: 281.367.7016

Spirit of Joy! Lutheran Church

7550 Crownridge Drive, The Woodlands, TX, USA
[email protected]
Office: 936.271.0893

Tree of Life Lutheran Church

3201 North Loop 336 W, Conroe, TX, USA
[email protected]
Office: 936.539.9530

As it is, there are many parts, but only one body. The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you.”

~ 1 Corinthians 12:20-22a