A “synod” is a group of congregations and ministries doing together what we cannot do alone. Lutherans are unique because we are a network of interdependent congregations. Each congregation owns its own building and chooses its own pastor, but works together for global mission, serving those in need, campus ministry, conflict management, preparing pastors, and more. Together through our network of 110+ congregations, missions, and ministries across the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast region, we work together to send missionaries, respond to disasters, feed the hungry, plant new congregations, call pastors and lay leaders, and work with other church bodies in interfaith dialog. Together we make a difference in Jesus’ name.

As the grains of wheat, once scattered on the mountains we’re gathered together to become one loaf of bread, so may Thy Church be gathered together from the ends of the earth unto Thy kingdom…

~ Didache 9:4