New Missions

Our synod’s vision is to be a network of growing, Christ-centered, outwardly-focused congregations passing the faith to the next generation. As part of this vision, we are committed to investing in new, pioneering, and reproducing missions, congregations, and spiritual communities.

Kindred Community

We believe that God is on the move in Montrose, in the greater Houston area, and beyond. We want to join in. It’s that simple. The implications of following Jesus are complex, but the church doesn’t have to be complicated. We get to join God in the creation of a community that equips and empowers people to love as we have been loved, to recognize the divine in the daily, and to be a light for justice and peace in our sacred city. Kindred is a “Reconciling in Christ” community (a formal way of saying that people of all races, genders, gender identities, abilities, sexual orientations, fashion sense, and political leanings are not only welcome, but embraced).

Misión Latina Mesa Abierta

Misión Mesa Abierta is a Lutheran bilingual mission in Kenner, Louisiana that is anchored in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and inspired by God’s love for the world. Still in the birthing phase of ministry, it is a holistic bilingual mission anchored in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is committed to:

  • The Mystery of our Faith
  • Radical Welcome
  • Being Disciples of Hope
  • Truth Telling through Justice and Reconciliation
  • Beauty and Joy

The Order of Lutheran Franciscans

The Order of Lutheran Franciscans (OLF) is the first religious order of the ELCA. With over 50 in various stages of membership and formation, the mission of the Order of Lutheran Franciscans is to passionately follow Jesus, faithfully walking the simple way of Saint Francis of Assisi. The Four Foundations of the Order of Lutheran Franciscans include:

  • Solidarity with the poor and marginalized
  • Spiritual renewal of the church
  • Environmental stewardship and care of creation
  • Ecumenical bridge-building

Umoja Church

Umoja (Swahili for “unity”) Church is a new Swahili-speaking, synodically-authorized worshipping community in Houston. This new church is cultivating relationships with Tanzanians in the metro Houston area. Memorial Drive Lutheran Church has partnered with Umoja to host the emerging community’s worship and fellowship.

As it is, there are many parts, but only one body. The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you.”

~ 1 Corinthians 12:20-22a