Faith formation with children and youth grows out of our Baptismal Covenant. If we want our young people to have faith in Jesus our first commitment is to deepen the faith of their parents, grandparents and caring adults—primary influencers of the faith.

The content of our faith matters. What is the faith you hope to share? The events and stories offered on these pages represent the whole community coming together on behalf of our young people growing out of our faith in Jesus Christ. Please join us!

F-FLUENCY: From a few specialists to people of all ages who know the stories and language of the Christian faith.

Praying and practicing a shared language, learning and telling Bible stories and noticing God’s movement in our lives is evidence of a fluent faith. Congregations are a training camp for households, as we carry out our baptismal promises. This means a high commitment from everyone— people support what they help create so widespread involvement is important.

I -INTERDEPENDENCE: From individual to people across the globe connected with creation and each other.

Living in relationship with our community, our country and our world moves our thinking beyond ourselves. This is an interdependent dance where following Jesus surprises us with concern for more than our own family – maybe for the environment, for people who live in poverty, for our neighbor, for ourselves in relationship with each other—always expanding our circle of concern, passion and hospitality.

S -SENDING: From just coming to church to going into the world.

Sending people to work, school (including college), or home with a faith that is questioning, engaging life, growing theologically, influencing daily decision-making and shaping our spending and giving patterns is key. The point is to shift from a “coming to church” paradigm to a “going into the world” way of life, so that people are equipped to articulate their faith as they go. We are a sending church. Think Great Commission… Go… AS YOU ARE GOING! —Jesus

H -HOME: From corporate altar to home altar.

Adults practice their faith in Jesus at the kitchen table Parents and grandparents matter most in passing on faith (confirmed by three decades of research). Parents have to practice at church what we hope they practice in their home. Effectively teaching and maturing the faith of adults is key.

As it is, there are many parts, but only one body. The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you.”

~ 1 Corinthians 12:20-22a