LEAD’s 7 step guide: congregational goal setting and faith formation

Two editions: one for congregational goal setting and one specifically designed for setting faith formation goals.

  • Are you looking for ways to do more than what you have been doing?
  • Do you sometimes feel like your congregation is building the road as you drive on it?
  • Would strengthening your infrastructure and alignment reduce speed-bumps along your way?

Designed for rostered and church leaders to use during a leadership, council, or staff retreat, the Annual Roadmap will help churches develop a plan for joining God in mission and moving the congregation forward.

The Result

A plan with up to six goals that are aligned around shared annual values, focused on identified stakeholders, and include doable next steps. The package includes a poster for you to print and display as a reminder of the Annual Roadmap goals you set.

This is not a strategic planning process but it is perfect if your congregation is gearing up for one, wants to prepare for a more intentional LEAD Process or has taken the Congregational Vitality Survey as part of your annual report and is asking, so now what?

Regardless of where your congregation is right now, making an Annual Roadmap is as important as developing your own personal annual goals. Each requires an awareness of the realities of your life, your congregation’s life, and your larger commitment to learning because you want to be a better person and congregation.

Each are available individually for $125, or you can get both for $150.