Are You Called to Ministry?

  • Are you thinking about a call?
  • Could becoming a pastor or diaconal minister be part of your future?
  • What about service as an associate in ministry?
  • Have you thought about making a difference in the world?

Vocational choices in the ELCA are many. We have pastors, but we also have accountants, chaplains, youth workers, musicians, evangelists, nurses, diaconal ministers and deaconesses, office managers, counselors, caregivers and associates in ministry.

Do you have a sense of wonder?

Aware, caring, courageous people are needed to lead the church in the 21st century. We need passionate, joy-filled, and adventurous people who want to bring healing and hope to others in this broken world.

Are you a natural leader?

Are you looking for a vocation that uses your gifts of creativity, that requires an appreciation of spirituality and ritual, that will be a way for you to give voice to God’s call? Are you interested in quality worship, a chance to teach, good colleagues, a caring community, variety, lifelong learning on the job, incredible opportunities to care for others and a place to use your imagination?

Are you searching for meaning in your life?

Many young people have become disillusioned with the culture of work in our world. The church looks for people to lead who have a deep sense of compassion, who want to know that the work they are doing is significant in the world. That is the church! Many in our world are looking for meaning. The church gives substance to that search, and you can be a vehicle of that Good News.

Characteristics of church leaders (including pastors):

Encouraging, listening, praying, equipping, leading, hoping, healing, caring, teaching, preaching, blessing and sustaining.

Gifts for Ministry

All of God’s people have gifts for ministry — the work of the faithful. The question to consider is “Which gifts do I have, and how will I use them?” The following gifts seem to be especially important for our rostered leaders:

  • A love for Jesus Christ
  • Grace-filled living
  • Integrity
  • A passion for justice
  • Compassion for God’s people
  • Self- awareness
  • Leadership gifts
  • The ability to learn and share the faith
  • A capacity for critical reflection

The ELCA has many needs to fill as we carry-out our mission to share the Gospel. We are committed to shouting out the Gospel and bringing a message of hope to those who are hurting.