Live On Grant Request

Spring ‘seed money’ grant requests must be submitted by December 15 for distribution in February

Fall ‘seed money’ grant requests must be submitted by June 15 for distribution in August

Live On Grant Request

Please fill out the following form to submit your Live On Grant Request.

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Please attach an addendum to secure the best possible chance of approval. See below for more details.

To secure the best possible chance of approval please attach an addendum that includes the following information:

  • Description of the program or project
  • Budget and/or other financial information, particularly how the project will continue financially after a grant
  • Who will administer or monitor the program or project
  • The anticipated impact on the synod/congregation/other
  • The timeline and duration
  • Ways of measuring impact of project
  • Date when progress report will be submitted to Live On

Please email Live On, if you have any additional questions

Note: Grant recipients agree to have a written report to the Grants Committee within 6-12 months of issuance of the grant describing how the grant was used and the results of the grant. The report should also include pictures and how the recipient publicly acknowledged and/or publicized receipt of the gift. Grant recipients agree to give Live On the right to use their name, pictures, and related information for use in the Fund’s publicity.

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